Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

I hope that everyone is enjoying our first official holiday of the summer (even though Summer doeesn't start for another month).

Do you have grand things planned for the day? Perhaps a Parade? We saw this one Saturday Afternoon downtown on State Street.

Fireworks? A cookout with Hot Dogs and Hamburgers? Beer?

Whatever it is, please remember those who are currently fighting at War for us and those who have fought in the past.

Even though I don't support George Bush, I do support our Troops!

Happy Memorial Day

If you're not in the US, I hope you're having a great Monday...but then again, how great can Monday's be when you have to go to work!


xmichra said...

working on Mondays suck.. but they sure do make it easier on Tuesdays :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Next Monday is our next holiday (Whit Monday) What a bummer, eh? Canada's "memorial day" is on Nov. 11th, but I think that we should spend a thought for soldiers, not matter what day, right?

ads510 said...

i hold a special place in my heart for cutie navy men. yowza!

Rob7534 said...

I went to a fun BBQ, but it was actually the day before memorial day! I was stuck w/out electricy for most of Monday!

Orange-X said...

I love seeing the blue skies in your pictures. So far we had more than our share of grey skies. Hopefully it changes to blue sky soon over here as well. As far as Mondays are concerned, for me that could be the 3rd day of the weekend. A work week of 4 days would be more than enough for me.