Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I don’t have cable at my house…..I know it’s hard to believe isn’t it? When I moved 4 years ago the plan was to get Cable/Internet/Phone all from one place but at that time Cable Companies offering telephone service was a new thing and one of the stipulations was that you had to have an already established phone line which the cable company simply “took over” from the phone company…..well since I didn’t have a phone line already I would have had to pay SBC $60 to install the phone and then pay the cable company more money to transfer the line…..it pissed me off so much I decided to just get the phone line, not have cable tv or modem and instead survive with TV off the air and dial-up service.

One of the nice things I like about traveling (and visiting The Boyfriend) is Cable TV and one of my favorite things on Cable TV are infomercials. I know what you’re saying…..Infomercials? It’s because they’re so cheesy, outlandish and “in your face” two that I saw recently were:

- The Grease Bullet
- RoboMaid

Apparently with The Grease Bullet you get two times the quantity for half the price PLUS you get the silver cleaner which removes tarnish from all of precious silver pieces right in front of your eyes. According to the Grease Bullet website each table gives you the power to clean all of your greasy items, and looking at their commercials whoever cooks at their house is the nastiest, grossest cook I have ever seen in my life. In all the days of my cooking life, I don’t think that I have ever produced a pan as dirty and disgusting as the ones they show on the commercial (and that includes the time when I worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant) but no fear because the Grease Bullet will solve all your problems and not harm your hands. And that bonus for cleaning your silver, you can do the same thing at home with a pan of hot water, a ball of aluminum foil and some baking soda (it works wonders and it’s free)

In addition, according to the commercial for The RoboMaid this product is sweeping Europe…..have any of you Europeans even heard of this product? It’s basically a round swiffer that has a ball in the middle that “robotically” cleans your house (uhm to me it looks as though it just willy-nilly runs across your floor until it hits something and then turns and goes in a different direction.) But the big they’re saying is that it’s sweeping Europe and those silly Europeans are paying as much as $60 for this cheap piece of plastic but we smart consumer American’s can get it for only $1 (plus the cost of shipping and handling, anyone want to ponder how much S/H costs?)

I’ve only got a day and a half left of flipping the channels and hoping to find a new infomercial to watch before I leave….but it seems as though these are the only “hot products” they’re selling in Greenville these days! Oh well.


Karen said...

Ha ha! I always end up watching weird tv when I am travelling for work. Mostly made for tv movies and other oddities! Resist the temptation to order these products, unless of course it also comes with a super handy dandy I-just-sliced-through-a-metal-pipe-and-now-watch-me-effortlessly-slice-this-tomato-in-mid-air. If that is the case, then go, go, go, but it now!

Karen said...

Oops, that would be a I-just-sliced-through-a-metal-pipe-and-now-watch-me-effortlessly-slice-this-tomato-in-mid-air knife.

Rob7534 said...

I still like the "Set it, and forget it!" Rotissery thingie.

Karen said...

I have never heard of the RoboMaid, but I think it might be an interesting toy for the dog ;-)

gomad.ch said...

My TV set broke in 1992, but my boyfriend has cable too, but his remote went to blazes and so I never manage to switch to the channles with infomercials.

Although a European, I never heard of RoboMaid. But my boyfriend does not like messy places and he usually takes the classical hoover before I would unleash RoboMaid.

CanadianSwiss said...

Yeah - Just press a button, then "enter" and all is clean. BTW, the S/H costs must be like $48.50 (the US is so much chaeper!) ;-)

Ms Mac said...

I "love" the infomercial for the V slicer, a thing which chops up your veggies and makes chips. I could watch the ad for that all day. I know I need one but I haven't seen one to puchase in the flesh yet.