Thursday, May 18, 2006

Isn't it funny?

Isn't it funny the people that God chooses to talk to?

The latest example is Pat Robertson who claims that God has told him about Tsunami's hitting the US (SEE HERE)

Apparently it only happens once a year though when Robertson is on his "personal prayer retreat."' ' I guess the rest of the time Robertson gets voicemail like the rest of us when we try to talk to God, so it's a good thing he got through to him in January.


Kat said...

Doesn't he know when you get messages from God you are supposed to be more vague in case it was just something weird you had for dinner? lol

Karen said...


Rob7534 said...

Everyone knows the weather this year for "hurricane season" will be awful. He got that from the Weather Channel.

As for the Tsunami hittng Washington/Oregon/Northern Cal. He has put himself on record now. Silly man, if it doesn't happen, he will be forever tarnished as a false prophet.