Sunday, June 04, 2006

400 - 400 - 400 - 400

I just bought my 400th DVD today!

Mrs. Henderson Presents - anyone seen it yet? We saw previews on the Transamerica DVD that we just got (if you haven't seen this movie yet, you really should, Felicity Huffman is amazing)

If you'd like you can check out the movies I own HERE

And, yes, I know that I own Glitter!


Andi said...

Owning Glitter is one thing, liking it is another.

So long as you just "own" it, I still like you Michael!

Michael said...

Andi - We've TRIED to watch it several times. I can't get through more than 10 or 12 minutes of it without losing interest.

Rob7534 said...

Damn Michael! You could almost open up a DVD rental store!

By the way, I'm pleased that you own Jeeper's Creepers TWO, I LOVED that movie, but I'm also disappointed that you don't own Xanadu! With Oliva Newton John!

Rob7534 said...

Oh, and how is the Dining Room Make Over coming along?

Andi said...

Yeah! I was wondering about that too!

Michael said...

Rob - JCII was a good movie, we actually saw it in the theater as a "group" and had never seen the first one (not a problem though) the first one is scary as hell too!

Rob/Andi - It is almost complete - you'll be amazed at the transformation there are sunken gardens, grottos and happy little faeries running around it's beautiful.

I have a few finishing touches to make and then I'll post pictures, it was a much bigger project than I had originally thought!

Rob7534 said...

Sunken Gardens, grottos, and faeries?

So, you haven't started it yet, huh? :)


Michael said...

Rob - {clutching pearls and GASPING} How could you say such a thing?