Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Remember this ponderous question? I got some great answers from everyone so I have another question to ask you.

How can you tell when Croutons are bad, I mean aren't they already made of stale bread?


The Big Finn said...

I'm not sure if croutons are always made of stale bread or not. I've actually made them by placing bread cubes in an oven on low heat, turning off the oven, and then leaving the oven door ajar to let the heat escape and eventually allowing the bread to completely dry out. I'd say that if the croutons are mold-free, then they're pretty much safe to eat.
If you buy ready-made croutons at the grocery store, then they probably have so many preservatives that I'd guess that they're safe to eat for months.
Wow! I guess I have a lot to say about croutons. Who knew?

gomad.ch said...

I avoid Croutons that are older than half an hour.

Karen said...

Um, Blue Cheese starts to grow on them?

Ms Mac said...

Again, I never have croutons long enough for them to go bad.

But creoutons shoud always be made from day old bread otherewise you don't get the right texture.

ads510 said...

i've had a box of store bought croutons that actually went soft and chewy after they had been open for awhile. so maybe the croutons just revert back to bread!

Michael said...

TBF - Such information! I'm gonna check with you on all of my questions from now on!

Gomad - I see you're a picky eater!

Karen - That explains A LOT!

Ms. Mac - You should be with Gomad.

ADS - Maybe that's what is supposed to happen...mine are still crunchy so that's a good sign!

xmichra said...

real crutons are just like bread, and will generally mold. The kind you get in a box (*ew*) are usually good for year. They have stuff that makes mold die... hehe.

Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog) said...

croutons are the first thing I pick out and throw away when I order a salad. I think most of times they are fried, which is not healthy