Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going Home

You know how they say once you leave home and you can never go home again? Well it’s true……we’re leaving on Wednesday to go “home” to Pennsylvania to see my family. It’s so weird to go home though.

I'm excited for my parents to meet The Boyfriend. My parents are pretty crazy in their own right and I think that Mom is excited to meet him as well. We've talked several times this week getting "things in order" it's too funny.

I grew up in a very small town, looking back on it I wouldn't change it for anything. I find it especially funny now because I grew up way out in the country on a farm and The Boyfriend grew up in the heart of Chicago. I sometimes think how strange it would have been to grow up in the city, I just can't imagine it, I had so many experiences that seem so "backwards" but that was the way it was.

Just to give you a little background:
- My father lives on the same parcel of land that he grew up on, he is now 65
- My mother lives about 15 miles from where she grew up
- The town I grew up in has about 1,000 people
- When I graduated from Public School, I had 47 classmates, most of us went from K-12 together.
- The grocery store is in the building where the skating rink used to be, with the original floors.
- The barber that cut my hair growing up is giving me a haircut on Thursday, for $7.00.
- I am having coffee with my Third Grade Teacher on Saturday.
- Cellphones don’t work where my parents live.
- You can see MILLIONS of stars at night (I hope the weather clears, I want to see stars)
- My parents have a computer, but no internet access.
- At 5'8" I am the tallest member of my family.
- I will get to see my First Grade Teacher as well.

So, as you can see it’s a small town. When I take my parents car into town (which is 4 miles away) people wave at me because they know the car, no so much who is driving but people “know” the car.

We’ve got lots of things planned such as:
- An exciting breakfast which involves Steak and Eggs
- A Merry Go Round ride that I rode on when I was a kid
- A Cook To Order Dinner my Mom won at an auction
- Fireworks!

In fact my parents pranked The Boyfriend on his birthday. They called him, sang happy birthday to him and hung up the phone, all without telling him who they were!

So it’s going to be a fun vacation.

I have a question when you say someone “Won an auction” did they really win because they STILL have to pay for it. That's not what I call winning?

Have a Happy Safe and Fun 4th of July Holiday....for those of you not in the US, Have a great Tuesday Next Week!


Karen said...

Sounds lovely, your hometown.

Have a great time!

xmichra said...

aww! you sound like you come from really good, honest roots. I am glad you can look back and see the great things in your past, and appreciate them. I am sur eyou and Dave will have a great time.

I grew up in the capital city of the NWT.. .but it was so small and unlike other capitals that it was hard to explain to people living in cities like Edmonton, Clagary or Montreal just how backwards and small it was (imagine your small town life minus the liivestock). But i couldn't imagine living in a huge city like Chicago.... that is so intimidating to me!!

Oh, and at least us Canadians will have a long weekend complete with fireworks to. We celebrate Canada day on July first... so we get the Monday off work . woo-hoo!

hehe, word veri - omtfg... oh my two f*&^ing gods??