Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Happy Friday

I hope you're having a Happy Friday!

I'm only working 1/2 a day because we're having a company sponsored event!

We're going out to Arlington Park to go bet on the ponies!

I used to work at a Racetrack in Ohio, but I never really went to just watch the races, hell we were too busy taking care of the rich people playing the ponies!

So wish me luck (since I won a hundred bucks in Vegas, I doubt I'll be a winner again so soon).

Oohhh...did anyone watch that new show "Windfall" last night on NBC?


Ms Mac said...

Happy Friday Michael! Hope you win!!!

Robin said...

Happy Friday to you as well! Good luck with the horsies!!

Andi said...

Happy happy Friday!

I haven't done much today but will be going out for dinner tonight with my man. Making my Friday a VERY happy Friday!

CanadianSwiss said...

Hope you came back with more than what you left with!