Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Flag Day

I'm such a bad American...I totally forgot that it was Flag Day most Americans, I only want to celebrate the "fun" holidays, you know Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas, those days that we get off from work, yeah!

But there are a lot of other holidays that we need to celebrate that we should, like Arbor Day, Armistice Day and Valentine's Day! Included in there is Flag Day.

I'm surprised that it took me most of the day to realize it, there was nothing on the news this morning, there was nothing on MSNBC, nothing on the radio....geez for being all huffy puffy American's you think that we'd push Flag Day...apparently we don't!

According to Wikipedia Flag Day is not an American Made-Up Holiday, there are Flag Day's all over the world.....when is your Flag Day?


Rob7534 said...

I usually only celebrate the Holidays that give me a day off from work.

Is that bad? said...

We don't do Flag Day here in Switzerland. But since it's a day that requires work, I don't care.