Monday, June 26, 2006

It's starting to get 'spensive around here!

So the Mercer Consulting group released the list of the top 50 most expensive cities in the world.

Surprisingly, do you know what #1 is?

Well Here's the Top 5 along with (last years position)
1. Moscow (4)
2. Seoul (5)
3. Tokyo (1)
4. Hong Kong (9)
5. London (3)
Well I'm sure that Tokyo and London are happy but geez Moscow is the most expensive city in the world? That's just bonkers isn't it?

Chicago came in at #38 this year, last year we didn't make the list because we were #52. It's cheaper to live in Miami, FL or even Amsterdam, now wouldn't that be fun?

The same group also released a report based of the top 50 cities based on the "Quality of Life"
1. Zurich (1)
2. Geneva (2)
3. Vancouver (3)
4. Vienna (3)
5. Auckland, NZ (9)

I'm glad to see that Chicago is up to # 41 from 52 last year, so I guess I need to ask the Governor where my increase in Quality of Life is coming from...perhaps the sent a check for it, I'm not sure.

If you'd like to see these reports for yourself so you can find out where your city is on the list you can find it HERE

2 comments: said...

I had lived in Moscow and I live right now in Zurich (100 yards from the city border but still within). It's always good to stay at the top!

CanadianSwiss said...

Hmmm. And everybody says that Switzerland is expensive! ;-)