Monday, June 19, 2006

Madonna - Confessions Tour Review

Last night to cap off a day of Celebration for The Boyfriends Birthday, we went to see MADONNA!!!  YEAH!!!!!

She started out with only two dates in Chicago, but when those tickets went on sale they literally sold out in minutes….so she added another date…and finally another date, for a total of 4 concerts in Chicago!  The Boyfriend had seen her 3 times before and was uber-excited to see her, and to see her on his birthday.

The concert was amazing, not too loud (I hate when your ears ring for days after a concert don’t you?) and visually stunning.  There were video screens/walls everywhere and a huge turntable stage.  There was a big jutting walkway out into the audience and 2 little “feeders” off of the main stage, it really was a big production.  

Madonna, in true Diva fashion, made her entrance in a huge disco ball that dropped from the ceiling.  She was dressed in high fashion horse riding clothes (I’m not sure what you call that) with a big top hat and all.  Now of course, from where we were sitting we couldn’t really see that much detail but they had two big video screens which showed everything up close.

For 47 Madonna looks wonderful, I wish at 37 I looked as good as she does.  She is a true athlete.  She did 4 costume changes and sang for a total of about 90 +/- minutes (not including costume change breaks).  The videos that they showed on the screens were amazing, it honestly looked like a full on production video that could have been from a DVD of the concert, it was very well polished and truly professional, but then would you expect anything less from Madonna?

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, I even danced a little bit….and you all know how I feel about dancing.  The Boyfriend had a great time as well, he was up dancing almost the entire time.

So even though the show was great there were a couple of drawbacks, now just so you know, I DID enjoy the show and I DID have a great time….but…..:

1.  The concert was supposed to start at 7:30, well at least that was the time that was printed on the ticket.  Madonna didn’t take the stage until 8:45, 75 minutes late.  Now I don’t care who the fuck you are, but when you have people paying $100+ for the cheap seats it is truly rude to make them wait that long.  I can understand if you’re caught in traffic (ha ha) or chipped a nail, but apparently that is her m.o. for this show, always starting at 8:45 (it must have something to do with Kaballah?)

2.  We had pretty good seats, we were in the top ring of the arena and in the second row.  We could see the stage well and thought we were in for a good show.  But then the three bitches showed up that were in the front row.  As soon as the disco ball started to drop from the ceiling these three bitches stood up and blocked our view.  Now granted, I know it’s a concert but these c***ts were in the fucking front row and had no concern for anyone else.  To make it better, about an hour into the show, I lean over to The Boyfriend and say “I smell cigarettes” he points to the bitches, they’re hunkering down hiding and smoking a gd cigarette, I so wanted to call security and bust them.  But wait, there’s MORE they must have left their seats about 4 times to go get drinks.  They were 5 seats from the end of the row, but what does Bitch #3 decide to do, go the other way and make about 15 people stand up for her to get through…inconsiderate bitch!  If anything they ruined the show for me.  I couldn’t see, which forced me to stand, which in turn forced the people behind me to stand…I felt bad for them…..I felt even worse for the girl sitting next to Bitch #3 because she had her ass in her face the entire show.  No, she wasn’t standing up parallel to her seat, no she was standing at a 90 degree angle so her neighbor couldn’t see…..I truly truly truly hate inconsiderate people….oh wait, I just remembered something….there was a guy about 4 seats down from us who was also standing up and whistling (I think he thought he was straight because he was with his girlfriend but please Mary), Bitch #3 actually turned to this guy and gave him a dirty look because he was whistling…the fucking nerve…..Whew, I’m glad that’s done!

3. Madonna is a bitch.  She did interact with the audience, asking if we were hot.  Yes we were hot the a/c had been turned off (The Boyfriend and I already knew this little detail so we wore shorts, we didn’t care) when we all cheered she said “Yeah, I told them to turn the fucking air off, you don’t want to contribute to global warming do you?”  Now just think, an arena with probably 30,000 people, jumping up and down, dancing, just breathing….it was hot as hell in there.  But at least we were prepared.

4.  Madonna is a bitch.  After she asked if we were hot, she said “Well if you’re hot, take off your clothes” at which point someone threw a shirt on the stage.  Madonna in her true wit said “Don’t through shit on my stage motherfucker.”  So Classy!

5.  Madonna is a bitch.  Oh yeah, she gave the audience the finger at least 4 times.  I guess it was her way of saying “Yeah fuck you all.  You paid hundreds of dollars to come see me and I’ll make you wait and you’ll like it.  Fuck You!”

But regardless of all that…..I really enjoyed the concert.


Ms Mac said...

She's a bitch but I love her sooooooo much!

You know my friend Olga in Melb is her number one fan. We're both so disappointed that Madonna is not bringing her tour to Australia for the third time. It's just not right, her Aussie fans deserve the chance to blow thousands of dollars on her tour dates as well. They spend enough on her cds, videos, merchandising etc. Ye Gads! Olga and I even went to the movies to see Swept Away! if that's not devotion, I don't know what is!

Kat said...

I'm soooooo JEALOUS! I love that Bitch!

Andi said...

Stella admits to seeing Swept Away? Ye gads.......

Madonna is a bitch and that's why I don't ever want to go see her.

Now Cher, I'd see anyday!

Michael said...

Ms. Mac - I'm speechless, did they give you your money back?

Andi - Cher already gave her Final Final Farewell Tour...but I bet she'll need some money in a few years and have her Reunion Farewell Tour!

xmichra said...

I *LOVE* MADONNA. And I love her bitch-ness. I love that she swears, she makes you wait, and turns off the AC so people strip. LOVE HER.

But i woulda been in a fight pretty damn quick from the three bitches. I can't keep my mouth shut and most likely woulda ended up in a scrap. =P

Rob7534 said...

Michael! You should of asked those three standing, smoking, drinking bitches to sit the F**K down!

I might have said, "I paid my money like EVERY other bitch in this stadium, now SIT DOWN, or I will throw your ass over the balcony!"

Or start smoking yourself, and keep burning them accidently.

ads510 said...

i LOVE 80's/90's Madonna. ever since she got her fake pseudo-british accent and was hanging out with britney i got over her pretty fast. I'd still love to see her in concert though... said...

MADONNA is within your field of view and you keep sitting on your whatever? It's either loosing complete control or uninterrupted kowtow. There is nothing in between.

Michael said...

Gomad - That's EXACTLY what The Boyfriend said? Are you two on the same thought plane or something? Freaky!