Wednesday, June 14, 2006

McDonalds = Promiscuity

McDonalds = Promiscuity
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This morning when I got the Red Eye (a local hip paper that they tried to sell last year for $.25 but couldn't do it so now it's free) there was a "post-it" type note on the front of it. Every now and again they'll have these on the fronts of the paper as a type of subliminal it sticks out because it's on the front cover, whoo hoo!

Apparently McDonald's is assuming that you're a promiscuous whore and that you're planning on waking up with someone different every morning.

Thanks McDonald' really know me!

Da da da da da....I'm hatin' you


xmichra said...

haha.. that's just taking the availability of advertisment too far! yeish... next they will have a "missed supper cuz you were banging your mistress? ba da ba ba ba "

Rob7534 said...

HAHA! I hate their stupid Mcwakeup call commercials on the radio as well!

As if I'd want to eat that crap first thing in the morning!

Actually, I wouldn't mind eating their fries anytime at all.

Andi said...

I'm sorry. After watching that 30 dyas thingy about that guy that ate McDonalds all the time, I haven't eaten McDonalds since and that was nigh on over a year ago....

I'm sticking to me guns!

CanadianSwiss said...

Haha! Thank goodness I have you to keep me updated on all the fun advertisements ;-)