Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Camera Test

New Camera Test
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How's your weekend going? I hope that whatever you planned on doing, you're enjoying yourself.

We had fun at the races yesterday, but boy was it cold!!!! I about froze my nipples off, and considering there's metal in one of them, you can just imagine what it was like.

The Racetrack is on the otherside of O'Hare Airport, and my car doesn't go that far out of the city so several of us took the Metra. Metra is the "commuter" train line, the trains go from the burbs to downtown and I usually have no reason to ride them, so it was a fun change.

I bet $6 on one race and my horse came in fourth so that was all the betting I was doing! A co-worker and I spent our gambling money on frozen cocktails (not so smart considering how cold it was but uhm, the frozen margaritas were yummy). Hey we weren't driving so we could have a few to sling back.

Today The Boyfriend is performing with ROTC at Andersonville Mid-Sommerfest so I've decided to break out my new old camera.

My everyday, take into the wild, camera is an Olympus Digital Stylus that I've had for about 3 years (it's a great camera and I'm going to be sad when it dies) but about the same time as I got that, I also go an HP Photosmart 945.

The differences are dramatic, the Olympus fits in my pocket and goes EVERYWHERE with me. The HP on the otherhand is sort of like an SLR in it's shape and size, it's not a very convenient camera to carry around. So unfortunately I never use it, I know it's a great camera but it's just such a pain to carry around. I plan on using it more now that I've got my "studio" space figured out (trust me, pictures of that to come).

So on it's first inaugural visit out of the house we're going to take pictures of The Boyfriend.

Have a great weekend!


Kat said...

Great camera! I never noticed how green your eyes are before.

Michael said...

Thanks Kat - They're actually my Mother's eyes!

Ms Mac said...

What does your mother do when you're wearing her eyes? Borrow your dad's?

My weekend is lovely so far, thanks for asking! Have fun with the new old camera!

CanadianSwiss said...

First, we took in some of this gorgeous weather and now we're watching the Soccer World Cup (Holland is playing)!

Michael said...

Ms Mac - You're correct, I should say that I have the same eyes as my Mum....but not as funny though, eh?

CS - They're playing that over here as well, yesterday morning at 7:00 am instead of cartoons it was soccer, I was rather upset!

Rob7534 said...

Very nice pic Michael! No pic of the sore nipple? :(

captain_howdy_girl said...

sorry the new camera isn't working. that guy is way to handsome to be michael ;)