Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh No!

I pulled a Ms. Mac this morning!

My alarm goes off at 6:21, I get one snooze button and then hop in the shower at 6:30 so I can be out the door with thermos and bagel in hand by 7:09 as I'm scheduled to pick up my friend at 7:15 to be at work by 7:25, which gives us a few minutes to breathe in the morning and say "Oh well, another day has started".

Well all of that went out the window this morning as my phone rang and I hear this voice on the other end of the phone say "So, are you coming to work today?" to which I reply "Of course I am, why?" All I hear from the other end of the phone is "Uhm, well it's 20 after 7."

20 after 7? How could that be? I had totally forgotten to set my alarm, such a nutter! Well quick in the shower, no shave, brush the teeth, wax the hair, put on cologne, grab some pants and hopefully a shirt that looks ok with it (forgot the belt damnit) and grab my bagel and thermos and out the door.

My friend actually ended up walking to work, but the funny thing is, we both got there at the same time and walked in together....all in all, we were only 15 minutes late. But believe me you, I won't be pulling that stunt again any time soon!

The really bad part of this story is, right before the phone rang I looked at the clock and said "damn only a few more minutes until the alarm goes off" Boy was I wrong!

So I blame this day totally on Ms. Mac because she gave me the idea I suppose!


Andi said...

I blame Stella for all sorts of stuff!

Coz I'm like that!

But she love me for it...... I think!

Ms Mac said...

I love youse all!

But anyway Michael, I take full responsibility! Do you need a note?

Dear Michael's Employer,

Michael could not get out of bed in time for work today because of me.

love 'n' that,

Ms Mac

Michael said...

Thanks Ms. Mac that works wonderfully....but I'm sure she'll be surprised when it's signed by you and not The Boyfriend!

captain_howdy_girl said...

at least you had a good nights sleep

CanadianSwiss said...

Boy, am I glad we don't have to come in at a precise time... That would kill me!