Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh you silly Saddam!

You may have heard earlier this week that Saddam was protesting the killing of one of his lawyers by going on a hunger strike!

Well, apparently his hunger strike didn't last too long.....he's already eating again, after missing just one meal. That meal was lunch, so it was probably just a Subway $2.49 daily special that usually ends up costing you $6 once you add a soda and bag of chips. Subway is like chinese food, an hour later you're hungry again. So really Saddam didn't miss out on that much did he?

As a side note, has anyone seen any of the coverage from the trials, it's insane! I guess I've watched too many episodes of Law & Order or been on too many juries to understand how their system works...but WOW!

As a side note, apparently I went on a hunger strike last night and didn't even realize it!

Who else has been on a hunger strike and didn't realize it?


Andi said...

I'm on one right now, as we speak!

*licks lips*

It's harder than it looks!

*throws ramen noodle packet out*

I'm starving!

*eats a donut*

Send help! Can't last much longer.....

xmichra said...

holy crap... i missed supper last night AND breakfaast. I must be fighting for something real special =P

Kat said...

I skip meals all the time by accident. Sometimes, it's a good thing. ;)