Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The rain SUCKS!

My phone rang this morning at 6:24....way too early for any of my friends to was my Mom.

She called to tell me that they were getting flooded. Not sure if you've been watching the news but there has been a torential downpour over the East Coast for like the last 4 days.

I talked to Mom yesterday and she said everything was fine, but apprently last night the proverbial damn broke and there is water everywhere. Water in the fields, in the basement (and my parents live on the top of a hill, so go figure that one out) water covering the roads, she's afraid that they won't be able to get to Wilkes-Barre to pick us up.

So we cancelled our flights, stupid airlines charge $100 a ticket to cancel, is that not ridicilous?

Well, guess we'll be in town for the 4th and I've got more vacation days than I had anticipated!

I'm going to see Superman today then, 11:15 - first show of the day, should be filled with geeks and teens, great combo!


Ms Mac said...

Come now Michael, every geek and every teen is somebody's child!

But you and your enthusiasm for Superman has spread and now even I am looking forward to the new movie!

Kat said...

Sorry about your trip. I wish some of that rain would slide down here, we are a bit dry. But then if it did I might have to get my butt out and mow the grass. :P