Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns - The Review, Part II

Sorry to have left you hanging like that yesterday, but I don’t like doing long posts because I know that folks don’t like to read long involved stories that span chapters (well at least I don’t). Posts should be sweet and to the point.

I went and saw Superman Returns yesterday, the first show of the day (we’re not counting Tuesday night shows because it wasn’t official then). The auditorium was probably half full, I had space on either side of me to stretch out if I so desired.

One of the Bestest Most Favorite things about the movie……they used a lot of the original John Williams score it was wonderful, it took me back to 1978 when I was a wee and impressionable boy of 9 years old. I should have known I was gay when I was growing up…well I did know, but I didn’t know what it was.

I remember that after I saw the movie I SO wanted to buy the record. I remember that it was a double album (for those of you that don’t remember albums they’re those big black round things you put on a turntable). The album folded open and there in all his big muscly goodness was Christopher Reeve flying through the sky as SUPERMAN….and oh my goodness, there was this rather obvious “bulge” right below his belt….oh how I loved Superman.

I used to play that record over and over and over and over again, that intermixed with my ABBA records and Village People, oh god I was such a queen!

But what’s a country boy supposed to do?

Oh my goodness this is running long again!!!!!!

I’ll give you the review later!

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