Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns - The Review

Don’t worry I’ll tell you where the spoilers are so you can skim past those!

I was thinking about going to see Superman last night for the “previews” but knew that if I did, I wouldn’t get home until probably close to 2:00 am, and even for me that’s a bit too late. I just figured that I would go see it when I returned from vacation.

Since our trip to PA was scrapped at the eleventh hour, I decided that I wasn’t going to work and instead was going to the movies. Oh don’t worry I’ll go back to work tomorrow, there’s no reason to take 3 days off of work if I’m just going to be sitting at home….heck I can call in sick and do that!

So I hopped on the train and went to Evanston to see a movie! I bought my ticket on Fandango (just in case there were tons of screaming tweens there) but alas when I got to the theater there was just a smattering of folks in taking up the seats. I like this theater because it’s “newish” they have comfortable seats (every other row rocks and the other rows have arm-rests that move out of the way so you can “cuddle”) so I found my perfect seat, well it was almost perfect. The best seat in the house I think is the middle seat in the middle row, right dab smack in the middle. But The Boyfriend likes to sit on the aisle (I guess he wants a quick getaway) so I found my seat but it was two rows down from the middle, those fucking teenagers that got there before me!

So we settled in to watch the previews….they were pretty good.

The first one was:Lady in the Water by M. Night Shymalan – you know after that Village movie I thought that I was done with him, but this one looks really good….really scary…..basically about this guy that buys a hotel and the pool is inhabited by “something” is it good is it bad?

The second trailer was:
John Tucker Must Die by Betty Thomas (?? – 28 Days, Doctor Dolittle and Private Parts) about this “stud” who’s dating all of these women. They all find out so they find another girl to set him up with so they can all bust him….but it looks like one of those girly movies, well I’m sure it is.

The third trailers was:
The Ant Bully – by Warner Brothers?!? – not Pixar or SKG, hmmm…. At first I thought it was a bad remake of Antz (which was actually pretty good) but then it got interesting. Basically Zach is terrorizing the ants and they concoct a potion that shrinks him down to their size. Of course the story is the same from there on out.

The last trailer was:
Spider-Man 3 – It’s not out until next year, so I don’t care!

Looks like I took up all of the room writing about the previews…well standby for the review then.

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Kat said...

Spiderman 3! Are you serious? AWESOME! Now I have to go google it.