Monday, June 26, 2006

Superman Returns

OH MY GOD! I just saw a "long" trailer on TV for Superman Returns.

I was enthused about seeing this movie because Bryan Singer did the first two X-Men (plus he's gay).

But after seeing that trailer, I'm now looking on line to see what time the Late Night Preview starts on Tuesday because we're leaving on Wednesday but I'm not going to work, so I could nap in a little bit if I had to.

Oh my, the first showing is at 10:00 pm, the movie is 2:37 so I'd leave the theater at 1:00 am and be home about 2:00 am, get 6 hours of sleep up at 8:00 and still be able to go to breakfast putz around and be to the airport right on time....what to do...what to do.....I'm so conflicted!


Kat said...

Go see it, of course.

Karen said...

Wait for the DVD to come out ;-P

The Big Finn said...

Do it! Life's too short. Sleep when you're dead!