Sunday, June 18, 2006

Swimming Pool

Almost full!
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I was looking at photos from the Fabulous Andi when it made me think of something from when I was a kid.

As I've told you before, I grew up way way way out in the country on a farm.. Our closest neighbor back then was about a mile away, even though we lived on a "main road" (and yes it was blacktopped).

One of the great things growing up was we had a pool....sort of like this one. But my dad, being the great inventor that he is, decided that instead of putting it in the middle of the yard, instead we would build it into the "side" of a little hill we had next to where we parked our cars. So when you looked at it, it looked like it was an inground pool when in fact it wasn't...another cool thing was we had a sliding board.

A sliding board in a 4 foot pool you say, yes a sliding board, we had so much fun with that thing, even though the connector that you used to hook it up to the hose leaked more than what sprayed on the board (uhm, it's not a good thing to go down a fiberglass sliding board without water - you stick).

When I was a Sophomore in high school, the Jr-Sr Play was a "Midsummers Night Dream" and we used that slide as a prop in the play. About 3 weeks before the show was to go off one of the guys broke his jaw (ow) and couldn't be in the they asked me to do it, even though I was a sophomore. I was friends with all of the Juniors and Seniors so it worked out well.

So......we used the slide for the entrance of the "fairies" - not me....the fairies in the play - it was positioned just offstage with just the lip hanging out onto the stage. The fairies would climb the ladder and make their grand entrance, it was pretty exciting.

The day of the dress rehersal my best friend and I decided to play a prank, we found some of the stuff that they sprayed on the floor in the gym for shuffleboard (it makes it really slick so the thingys go further) and we sprayed it in front of the edge of the sliding board and a path out....oh when those fairies came down that slide did we ever laugh becuase they went for a ride......and before you ask, no - no one got hurt, that wasn't the point.

I think it was during that show that I also had a pair of pantyhose on my head and found out later that they weren't new......


Andi said...

OMG I can just see it now, people sliding faster than a speeding bullet.....

and Eeeeeeeeeeewwww on the pantyhose ('tights' as we like to call them in the UK)!!!

Kat said...

Funny prank. And I have to agree with the eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww about the pantyhose.

Anonymous said...

My dad had a similar idea. Even though we just lived in the burbs, and had a perfectly flat back yard, he buried the thing halfway. I think when it finally rusted out was when my folks decided to go for the whole enchilada and get a real, proper, in ground pool...