Thursday, June 29, 2006

An Update About Pennsylvania

If you're in the US I hope that you've seen some things on the news about the flooding that is going on in the Northeast, I really can't believe that it's not plastered all of the news like Katrina and Rita were because this is almost as devestating, if not more so than those events.

My parents are doing ok, they were successful in getting the water out of the basement using pumps and hoses but living on the top of a "crest" they've never ever had water in the basement before, and considering it's a finished basement Mom said they'll probably end up tearing everything out and having to replace it (which is fine because it will get rid of that orange shag carpet and fake brick plywood on the walls). But seriously, what a pain in the ass it has to be for them. I guess The Boyfriend and I can be glad that we were leaving on Wednesday and not Tuesday because we would have been in the middle of it, and Hip Boots don't look good on me!

On other news my Sister called me last night at 10:30, at first I was trying to figure out who was calling so late because no one ever calls at 9:00 to my house (probably because I'm already in bed sleeping). My sister had been trying to call my Uncle for two days to make arrangements to come home, she had left messages at home and no answer, he finally called her about 9:30 last night (EST) Apparently he fell last week and broke his arm. The doctors were doing additional testing and found he had a spot on his lung, which lead to a full body scan when they discovered the brain tumor, so he has lung and brain cancer. My sister was very upset and crying (and the funny thing is, she's never been emotional) she was going on about him and how our grandmother died almost a year ago from cancer, I felt bad that I couldn't be there to just give her a hug. I'll write more about my sister later.

Right now, I know very little about his condition or what is going on. My parents left their flooding home to drive down to Lancaster, PA to be with him.

Mom called me a few hours ago and said they made it there, but he was currentlyl having his first radiation treatment and the nurses told them it would be a few hours till he was back in his room.

Geez, all of this drama surrounding water and cancer (My grandmother died from thyroid cancer last year when Katrina hit New Orleans).

I can tell you this - we're all going to die, from one thing or another - so you NEED to live everyday as though it were your last on this planet! Do WHAT you want WHEN you want to, and tell your friends and loved ones you love them!

And if you didn't know it, I love you, even if we haven't met in person!


CanadianSwiss said...

Wow! You sure have a lot of commotion around you. I hope everything works out.

You're absolutely right about living each day as if it were the last, my friend. Funny that I received an e-mail just yesterday from a gay friend in Canada, who said exactly the same! Well, Michael, we love you, too!

xmichra said...

oh no.. i am so sorry Michael. I hope you and your family get some good news out of all this... that just plain sucks. :(

I love you too, my musical bud.

Kat said...

Aww Michael, I'm so sorry. We all love you too!