Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Who's Searchin' Who?

Don't you love to see how folks get to your blog? I know I do.

Here are some of the recent "keyword searches" that have brought folks to my blog:

oldie daddy gay - And this was a search from Viet Nam?!?

monday night tv (apparently I'm the #2 Search Result on Yahoo)

what do you do when you hurt your older sisters feelings - I hope whoever felt bad enough to actually apologize instead of just googling it.

greenville nc gay bar - I was there in May, but I don't think they have a "gay scene" at all. The bar was only open Fri/Sat/Sun

he enticed my wife to fuck him from across the room - Oh my god, that guy must have a huge cock if he was able to fuck the guys wife from across the room.

what to do if someone wants to hurt you? - Cry

buckelroos - Oh my god, this was a horrid "documentary" we saw about a gay porn movie. Our combined ages made us the youngest person in the audience. Half of the guys were either wearing rain coats or had popcorn buckets with the bottoms out so they could beat off.

do sinus make your head hurt infront of your ears - I don't know, do they?

str8 boys forced - Forced to do what? Clean my house for me. Send them over!

ask the fruitcake lady - Oh this is just funny, I love her!

biggest fattest breasts - Boy I bet this guy was sorely upset when he got here!

Who's been googling you?


ditsybint said...

9 hits for "Fag hag" (honestly I only know one gay person other than internet friends and I haven't spoken about him in months so I have no idea where that comes from).

2 hits for "first time on the potty" (most likely cos I'm potty training the puppy)

They were the cream of the crop this month :/

tobias said...

Nobody ever found me through Google as far as I know... I'm simply not googlable... if that is a word...

K-nine said...

Ha ha ha. I was just checking my blog for how people find me, and found this post. Greenville, NC DID have a Gay bar, (don't know if it's still there) called the Paddock (sp) Club. It was behind the old Harley shop on Dickenson Ave. (must be a leather thing) I was asked to judge a drag beauty contest (I'm straight, but it was a blast) when I was a limo driver back in the early '90's