Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wireless mouse

Last week when I was in PA I had the chance to meet up with my parents, they also brought their laptop and camera with them.

I love my parents and I give them credit, they've got a computer, they understand basically how to use it (well my Dad knows how to find solitaire) but they always have the funniest tales about the darn thing.

The best one this past week was:

Mom: I hate that touchpad, everytime you move it jumps all over the place.
Me: But, didn't we buy you a new wireless mouse when I was home last year?
Mom: Yeah, but it stopped working.
ME: What do you mean it stopped working?
Mom: It just stopped working one day.
Dad: I think the batteries are dead.
Me: Why?
Dad: Well it said on the computer it couldn't get a signal so you should replace the batteries.
Me: Did you replace the batteries?
Dad: No.
Me: I bet that's why it doesn't work any longer.


xmichra said...


Kat said...

lol. That's funny.

CanadianSwiss said...

LOL. Cute! :-)

Ms Mac said...

parents are so precious! They do and say such sweet things sometimes! Out of the mouths of parents, I always say!