Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Apartment is rented

I'm so excited - I found someone to rent my apartment and I also set up my move date with the movers! Yes, Movers!

A long time ago when I was a mere child, I had a wise old friend give me two pieces of advice. He told me that I would not understand the advice at my tender age, but when the time was right and I had become the "proper age" it would all make sense to me. I would like to share that advice with you:

When you reach the proper age: "You will no longer drink "well" cocktails. Although it was cheap when you were in your twenties, you will no longer drink the Popov Vodka in the decorative plastic gallon bottle. You will forever after only drink Premium Blend Liquors."

When you reach the proper age: "You will no longer move your own belongings when changing living situations. Although it was fun in your youth to spend a hot Saturday afternoon moving to a new fun filled house, when you reach the Proper Age you will realize that was just stupid you will forever after realize that's why you hire movers."

Please use this advice wisely! It may come in handy next time you're ordering a cocktail or moving in with your S.O.


xmichra said...

two very true points! amd YAY!!! you rented the appartment!

Karen said...

Totally agree. There is a reason why god invented movers (and premium blend liquors)!

Rob7534 said...

Sage Advice. Did he call you Grasshopper by chance as well?