Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Apartment

Wow, I guess it may be easier for me to find someone to sublet my apartment than I originally thought.

I've not had the site up 24 hours and I've already gotten 116 Hits! Hell that's more than I get on this site in a couple of days...but then I guess here I'm not a hot commodity like an apartment : -)

I was seriously thinking that this was going to be a mind boggling experiment which would have me pulling out my hair in the end, but it's turning out pretty well so far.

I have 8 people interested in it already. One person emailed me about an hour after I put it up, she and her boyfriend should be here in about 15 minutes (I hope he's hot!). Another girl is coming at 7:15ish and I've got two people that want to come tomorrow.

I have a feeling that this first girl might be the one....she seems very enthusiastic, I'm guessing that she just moved here from California (because that's where her cell phone is from) and she's looking for a safe place to live.

Well keep your fingers and toes crossed!

This might actually work out!

**NOTE*** I just looked further into the stats, she's been to the blog 14 times today, I think she likes it!

1 comment:

Rob7534 said...

YAY! Mickael! I hope it works out. Although I was hoping you would hold on it for me :(

You can't hold on to it for about another 3 years? Not even for a good bloggy friend :(

I understand!