Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Do you have a song fetish?

Do you get hooked on one song? Do you have to find as many different versions of just that one song? Do you have to look to obscure websites to find a different version of that one song?

Well I admit it, I've got a song fetish. There are just a few songs that I really really really enjoy and I'm always on the lookout for a new version of it.

A few of my big favorites are:

Send Me An Angel - originally by Real Life in 1983. Right now I have 10 different versions of this song, everything from a hard hard rock version to a girl rock version to a techno trance version.

The Neverending Story - originally released in the movie of the same title, this one I have fewer of - only 5 different versions.

A Put A Spell On You - by Nina Simone (I think I'm not sure) in 1964 the song was written in 1956, I've got 10 versions of this one as well. This is an easy one to find though because it's old and EVERYONE who does blues/jazz does it! It's a great song!

So I know you've got a fetish.....come on....fess up.....you'll feel better.


xmichra said...

you know i have a song fetish!! but i am in love with songs in general :P

I am in love with the songs you have mentioned (less the neverending story. i dunno why), and pretty much anything that is 'happy hardcore'.

I love all the versions of Dragostea Din Tei, Captain Jack, Sweet dreams are made of this, and smells like teen spirit.

Always looking for more, which is why you and i get along so well i imagine! hee.

The Big Finn said...

Do you have both Real Life versions of Send Me An Angel? The original was in '83, and then they decided to milk it for all it was worth by re-recording it in an updated version in '89.
BTW...you can watch the video at YouTube.

Michael said...

XM - I think that's part of it : -)

TBF - Of course I do!!!!

Rob7534 said...

I couldn't possibly list all my fetishes! OMG!

Michael said...

Oh come on Rob...give it a try!

Rob7534 said...

1) hairy men
2) white gym socks
3) jock straps

I'll stop there! :)