Monday, July 17, 2006

How deluded are they?

Ok, I'm not going to add to the paparazi, but I was just flipping channels and stopped on Access Hollywood. I saw three little "things" in a matter of 60 seconds and two of the three were just redicilous.

1. Paris Hilton made a statement that "Every decade has an iconic blonde - Marilyn Monroe and Princess Di, I'm the current Iconic Blonde" I wonder if she knows what the word iconic means?

2. Mariah Carey (Or as I like to call her Paraih Scarey) has teamed up with Spike Lee to create some vignettes for a tour or something or other. She's going on saying "Oh yes, Jack is in a one of them....blah blah blah...and oh yeah Jack is my dog in case you've been living on another planet or something" UHM HELLO, does she REALLY think that the whole world is following the adventures of Mimi and her fucking dog? Come on is she that deluded.

I switched the channel quickly before I saw anyone else being stupid.

Oh which leads to me my next Post - Why stupid people should not use the self checkout lane at the grocery store!


xmichra said...

Um.. you said you saw three things but listed two. Did i miss the second thing or third thing somewhere???

Paris hilton is a skank. And defenitly not iconic. moronic yes. but not iconic.

Paraih is a retard.. and I'm sorry that was a dog?? I thought it was just another fashion blunder covering one of her grotesquely hanging breasts.

Ms Mac said...

Paris, Paris, Paris..... Idiot.

CanadianSwiss said...

I'm with both of the above. And yes, ... Where's number three?

Michael said...

You're right.....I did see three things, but onlyl two of them were blog brain melted during the last one.

The Big Finn said...

Iconic Blonde of the DECADE?
Wait...does this mean that we only need to put up with Paris for 3.5 more years? That's HOT! I guess we now have a reason not to move back to the U.S. until January 2010. I've been using January 2009 as the first potential move back date - the date when GB2 is finally out of the White House!