Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I continue to out gay myself

I continue to out gay myself
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Every day I say to myself "Michael, how gay can you be today without being too gay?" And every day I answer back, "I don't know, let's find out!"

Well I continue to out gay myself with my addiction to office supplies. Wow, two posts here talking about addictions and fetishes, what kind of blog has this become?

Seriously though, I've always always had a soft spot for Office Supplies I don't know why that is?

Recently my team won a contest at work and the prize was an American Express Gift Card, since I won it in a contest I figured that I should buy something that I wouldn't normally buy. So I got to thinking, what could I buy....oh I know....A Whiteboard!

Do you have any idea how expensive White Boards are? It's outrageous, the office size ones are in the hundreds of dollars and the more economical ones are like 2'x3' I can barely get my thoughts on a piece of paper there's no way I could brainstorm on something so small.

Then I remembered that when I went out to the trade show in Pennsylvania in May that the Post-It lady was there and she had a roll-up White Board. I remember looking at that and saying "Wow, that's a great idea."

So that's what I's a 3M Post-It Self Stick Whiteboard Sheet, it's got the black border on it so you don't go screaming along on your notes and end up writing on the wall...and it's got that Post-It glue on the back to hang it....apprently it keeps the sticky a long time.

My other recent Office Supply Whore purchase was a Dymo Labeler, not the cool manual one like I had growing up but a real electronic labeler. It was on sale at the Red Dot Boutique I'm so excited about it that I haven't even used it yet...I wonder what I'll label first?!?

So I've already asked about your let's go one step further, what's your addiction?


Expat Traveler said...

my addictions - the internet, flickr, blogger and blogging, photography, my husband. Do I need more?

A lumberjack in the land of no frois gras (or however you spell it)... I'm still laughing at that one...

Rob7534 said...

My one addiction in life (one public one at least) is my computer game! Age of Empires!

ditsybint said...

I have the same office supply cravings (its not an addition just a desire).

I do however have an addition to Post It notes .... I have a HUGE collection of them in all different sizes.

ditsybint said...

Hmm ... that would be addiction not addition :/

xmichra said...

hheehe.. i have a labeler. that white board idea is cool, ihave never seen one!

I think for me, it's pens and stationary. I have thousands of pen, and yet still find an excuse to buy another, or ten. heh. Stationary i always buy thinking i will write to a particular person... but it ends up never being used because it is so pretty.

The Big Finn said...

I have a bit of an addiction to binder clips. Mrs. TBF (you're going to be jealous) used to work for Acco - the company that makes the binder clips, 3-ring binders, staplers, etc. I used to always hassle her about bringing home freebies, and then I figured that since they only cost something like 89 cents per box that I could just afford to "feed the monkey" by buying them myself.
Also, here's a whiteboard tip:
We have a chest freezer, and I keep an approx. 2'x3' whiteboard on top of it with the freezer inventory. When something goes into the freezer, I write the item and date. When something comes out, I erase it off the list.
Anal? Yes.
Do we ever find forgotten-about, 3-year old, freezer-burned chicken wings way in the back corner? NEVER!

Orange-X said...

Do you really wanna know?? Okay, here we go. My addictions: PC's, hardware, software and audio & video equipment. In that I am a real junkie. I love looking at those huge plasma screens for outrageous prices and the nicely designed home cinema systems with lots of dB's! Luckily I have a CS :-) She holds me back from buying to much of this stuff. Guess I would need a second job to pay for the nice "goodies" I spot. But okay, can't complain. I just bought myself a nice lightweight vaio notebook and I'm really happy with it!

Michael said...

Wow, you people ARE addicted...I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone!

Expat - Those aren't bad but it's nice to think that your hubby is an addiction!

Rob - You're such a geek!

Ditsy & XM & TBF - we should form OSA (Office Supplies Anonymous)

TBF - That's a great idea - I've got a "small" whiteboard in my cupboard that I told myself I was going to do the same thing with, but I always end up not using it...oye!

Orange - Yes those are expensive - perhaps you sould try coke or mary-jane I think that they would be less expensive in the long run..LOL Congrats on the new laptop - I'm totally green!