Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In Pursuit of a Suit - II

I’ve trailed off, so sorry……the dinner was on Friday evening and the suits weren’t going to be ready until Friday afternoon, I had to go down to the store at lunch and pick them up so we could quickly jet off to his Mother’s at the precise time.

When I went to pick up the suit the gentleman asked me “Would you like to try it on?” I said “Well can you make the alternations now if it’s not correct?” No was the reply, so I said “Well I guess there’s no reason then is there?”

Flash Forward to Friday night, we get to The Boyfriend’s Mothers house, instead of leaving at 6:15 as planned we left about 6:45 as planned. Along with us it was The Mother and two friends that live on the street. Two Gay Boys in the front, three middle aged women in the back.

Now honestly women, you know I love you, all of you….but sometimes when a group of you get together it really was like a bunch of hens carrying on. I swear they had 4 different conversations going on and one lead into the other and you couldn’t tell when one stopped and another began, it was freaking hilarious! One of the things they talked about was how the place we were going “The White Eagle Banquet Hall” was the place to go eat after EVERY funeral anyone of them had ever been too. In fact it’s neatly nestled between a Senior Citizen Facility and a Cemetery (seriously if you don’t believe me click on the link and look at the map).

Apparently everyone has their funeral banquet there, they specialize in a Polish Buffet as we were driving there one of the ladies said “Oh I hope we have barley soup, I love barley soup” The Boyfriend then made a comment “You know for meat this shiny it actually tastes pretty good.” They had been there so many times they knew exactly what the dinner was going to be: Chicken, Potatoes, Rice, Pierogies, Vegetable, Sausage and Peppers, Brats and Polish Sausage, and Roast Beef.

This Banquet Hall is HUGE, honest to goodness, outside of a convention center these were the biggest “public” banquet hall I’ve ever been to. The party started at 6:30 with an open bar and it was now 7:10 pm, dinner was supposed to start in 20 minutes so we had to find our table quick and get to the bar. As we walked into this huge banquet room we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that it contained. There were 80 tables in the room, 10 people at a table so at least 800 people!

The Boyfriend heads off to find the table, I head in the other direction to the bar. There weren’t a lot of people in line so I had no problem getting a drink….but I didn’t see any Rum. They had Stoli, some apricot brandy, some Seagram’s 7 strictly old school alcohol so I told the bartender I’d have a 7&7 (Seagrams 7 and 7-up), I hadn’t had one of those in ages!

Oh my this is going on for quite some time isn't it...I guess you'll have to wait for Part Three


Kat said...

So this is like a mini-series instead of a two-parter? lol.

xmichra said...

thank god you didn't do the apricot brandy. that stuff is vile. well at least i think so... hehe.

Sounds like we may find out if you had a good time...