Monday, July 03, 2006

In Pursuit of a Suit

A few weeks ago The Boyfriend said “Do you have a suit?” I asked “A suit of what, Armor?”

His Mother’s Alderman was having a “benefit dinner” and she had been given a table at the dinner and needed to fill it up. Tickets were $100 but they gave her a whole table for nothing (this comes into play later).

The Boyfriend said “We need to get you a suit” so off to Men’s Warehouse we went in pursuit of a suit. The last time I owned a suit was in 1987 and I was graduating from High School. Now I do own a Tuxedo but that’s an entirely different animal altogether. One thing you should know about me, I am challenged in two of the key “gay characteristics” I didn’t get the decorating gene, in fact I can’t decorate (actually, I’m not ALLOWED to decorate) and I don’t have the “fashion” gene, but I do have some fabulous 501’s.

I’m the one who loves to wear a Target Shirt, so I told The Boyfriend – You Pick, I Pay, here’s my limit.

It was actually a lot of fun, The Boyfriend shaking his head and clucking his tongue, here try this, no no no, try this….OH NO! And the poor Salesman, who was actually grateful for The Boyfriends input, I would have been one of those terrible customers “Oh I don’t know if I like this. Does this type of jacket make my ass look big? Are these shoulder pads? Aren’t those what they wore in Dynasty?” Instead I just tried jackets on and took jackets off, until it was narrowed down to one choice for me, it was fabulous.

I wonder if that’s how Britney Spears feels when she goes clothes shopping? I’ll have to play no fashion sense more often, the only problem is The Boyfriend has a taste for the $$$$. The Boyfriend bought a most beautiful Calvin Klein suit that he’s been eyeing for a while (I wonder does he go there and browse? Because how could you be eyeing a suit?)

Oh, I'm sorry this is so long, guess you'll have to wait for PART TWO


Kat said...

In part two do we get a picture?

xmichra said...

I surely hope you end up looking like a respectable man instead of trailer trash, like Mrs Spears. Though I could totally see you in a navel cut pink camesole. hehe.

Michael said...

Xmichra - I think that's the worst thing you've ever said to me! LOL!!!

Kat - Oh you think there's only two parts to this story? Ha ha!

xmichra said...

hehe.. you know i didnt mean it dripping with sarcasim!!! You know I love you!! hehe.
Britany needs to either fire her current stylist or get one. because DUDE,there is no reason to be dressing like a hooch on dateline NBC. hehe.

Michael said...

XM - I know : -)

Mens Clothing said...

You guys are really funny.