Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Melissa Etheridge

The Boyfriend and I went to see Melissa Etheridge on Saturday Evening.

Let's just say, we were some of the few boys that were there....I swear it was an estrogen event...Missy is gay and she's got a big dyke-o-licious following.

Now I love my girls...but you have to understand...Lesbians are the same as Gay Boys. Gay Boys are the "girls" of the gay world and the Lesbians are the "straight men" of the gay world. It all evens out see.

The Lesbians were the ones that used to pick on the Gay Boys in school because they were bigger than we were.

Regardless, we saw her at The Auditorium Theater which is amazing, to give you an idea of it's size....we walked up two flights of stairs to get to our seats....there were two more flights ABOVE us! We were in the last row of the first balcony all the way on stage left almost up against the wall. Not good seats for a show, but great seats for a concert.

I'm not a huge Melissa fan...The Boyfriend gave me a few of her CD's but she's not my full cup of tea. she's sort of like Rufus Wainwright - I like him, but I can only listen to him for a short time. She's the same don't get me wrong, I like her, but I don't seek her out.

She is an amazing live performer......I must say though, those lesbians are good on the time, the concert was supposed to start at 8:00 and she came out at 8:10, I guess she wanted to get it over with so she could go home and drink a beer.....unlike Madonna who we recently saw and made us wait 75 minutes!

She came on at 8:10 and sang and sang and sang for more than two hours straight, without a bathroom break, without a costume change, without really taking any kind of real break in between songs other than to chat with the audience.

She's a chatter.....she comes across as though if you met her in real life, she would sit down and just start chatting with you, she seems totally down to earth.

Her voice is great, but it's sort of an acquired voice.....I actually found it easier to close my eyes and listen to her sing instead of trying to watch her perform....The Boyfriend thought I was sleeping but I wasn't, I was concentrating. She has one of those voices that you have to focus all your energy on to process, but when you do you're rewarded with a beautiful sound.

I only know the "popular" songs and she sang a few of those, but most of the others were lesser known hits.

I really enjoyed her, in fact I enjoyed her more than Madonna....whereas Madonna feels the need to put on a huge show with fireworks and videos and dancers....Melissa is quite the opposite...she has a very plain stage, only one moving piece of the set, no back up dancers, no video's...just her and her band. In that regards, I think that Melissa Etheridge gave a much better performance because it was just about her, she wasn't trying to distract you with everything else.

Go see her...go buy her music.....but if you become a lesbian, don't blame me - you probably had it in you all along!


xmichra said...

haahahha... don't blame me.. hehe.
I am not a huge fan, but it sounds like she did rather well.

Anonymous said...

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