Monday, July 17, 2006

Oprah doesn't eat bush

According to this hard hitting piece of journalism by the Associated Press, Oprah Winfrey and her best friend Gayle King are not Lesbians!

In the August Issue of O Magazine Oprah writes about her 30 year friendship with Gayle....hey I think that's amazing, to have a friend for 30 years, hell most marriages don't last that long nowadays.

I think it's terrible that people can't just let people be friends....why is it if two guys hang out they're fags....if two women hang out they're lesbians....why does EVERYTHING need to be boiled down to who is sleeping with who...or is it whom, I don't know I never know when to use that?

So what if Oprah isn't married to Steadman.....Goldie Hahn and Kurt Russell aren't married yet do they call Goldie a lezi or Kurt a homo?

The best line of the entire article is: “The truth is, if we were gay, we would tell you, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay,” says King.


Rob7534 said...

I dunno Michael. I'd call Goldie a lezbo if she had someone like Gayle, and kurt a homo if likewise.

I think the story is pre-emptive. The rumors have been flying for a very long time, I think someone has the dirt, they are ready to expose, so Oprah had her own magazine try to squalsh the rumors before the popular media got wise.

But then again, I LOVE a good conspiracy story!

xmichra said...

I do not like Oprah. >8^(
But, i don't think she is gay .. she just isn't that comfortable with anything in her life besides money.

CanadianSwiss said...

Yay for King! I love to be close to peolple, but not everybody can take a spontaneous hug. Just because I like them. So I have to feel my way. I respect them.

The Sour Kraut said...

I never gave Oprah & Gayle a second thought. I did, however, just read the Kathy Griffin has "outed" Ryan Seacrest. Michael, is there any truth to this? I have this impression that gay people know exactly who else is gay, but now I realize you don't know about Oprah -- and she is a lot closer to home than anyone in Hollywood.

Rob7534 said...

Ryan Seacrest is as gay as the day is long. Just like Jodie Foster, Anderson Cooper, Lance from NSync, the late Luther Vandross, and Tom Cruise.

But no Oprah! Her relationship with Gayle is "other worldly" whatever that means! :)

Michael said...

Sour - You know I heard the same thing...when he was dating Terri Hatcher and she was just acting as his "beard" From afar I don't know if he's gay (and really I don't care that much anyways) but if I met him in person I'd be able to tell you right away.

My Gaydar is pretty finely I'm sure Robs is as well!

Rob7534 said...

My Gaydar is always malfunctioning whenever I start a new show, and the straight cast members start blowing me kisses!

The horror. I must have it realigned afterward. Just take it into to Jiffy lube, they can realign it :)

Rob7534 said...

YOU SEE! I told you Lance was gay!