Wednesday, July 19, 2006


In 'omage (yes I know I forgot the H but I'm gay so....) to a posting from Rob of The World According to Rob, I thought I would share my little parking story with you.

Parking in my neighborhood is a premium, I live on a "main drag" that's two 4 lanes wide and no parking, excpet for about one part that is only 3 lanes and then opens up to 4 lanes and there are about 10 parking spots on that side of the street because it's a "business area".

Well yesterday traffic was a major cluster fuck and there were no parking spots in my regular area so I had to park "on the street". As I pulled around to park, the assholes that were driving were driving in the parking lane because no one was parked there, I guess they felt privlidged for having that whole lane to themselves. As I pulled into traffic (and in fact a gentleman was nice enough to let me in front of him) I got to area where I wanted to park and just stopped. Turned off the key and got out of my car....I walked over to the meter put my money in it and the whole time the guy who was behind me (the nice gentleman who let me out in front of him) was staring at me and had a look of WTF on his face, he started blowing his horn at me and I pointed to the parking meter....and then to the lane he was in to indicate he was in the wrong place and then turned and walked away. I was afraid he was going to ram my car.

The best part of the story -- there were about 15 people behind him doing the same thing, only they were blowing their horn at him and not me.....I love causing traffic jams!


Kat said...

hehe. That sounds like a fun thing to do.

xmichra said...

hahaha... too funny! trouble maker!

Rob7534 said...

Oh Michael! You should be careful dear, in this weather, you could have been SHOT!


There is a moral to this story, don't be nice to drivers by letting them pull in front of you, because they will only block you down the road!

CanadianSwiss said...

LOL! This is great. I would have been laughing tears!