Friday, July 07, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean, Part Two

No this isn't part two of the review this is Part Two of the movie!

So first off my biggest question is, how is it pronounced:

kuh-rib-bea-an OR
care-a-be - an

Welll we're going to see Pirates of the Caribbean so I decided to read some of the "user reviews" on Yahoo.

Very rarely do I listen to the TV movie reviews, I mean really the things they like and I like are different so I usually go by reviews from my friends or co-workers, people that I know ho wthey think already and will get a true judgement of the movie.

But these online reviews are hilarious....I especially enjoy reading the ones with the low ratings because sometimes those are the most well written. Someone actually took the time to think about the movie, the plot, and also take in every thing else from score to cinematography and direction, they're usually well written.

Unlike the ones written by the 13 year old girls that go like this:

"OMG, It was so scary. Like Ashley was on the phone with her mom when there was a scary part and we all screamed and Ashley's mom was like "what's going on? What's all that noise? Are you high? I know you're high aren't you?" and we're like OMG, your mom is crazy. But oh that Johnny Depp is so dreamy, it's hard to believe he's so old, like OMG did you know that he used to be on TV, can you believe that? Well the movie was really cool and the popcorn didn't suck either"

So which review do you like?


Kat said...

lol. I like that review. It makes me wanna like you know, see the movie.

The Big Finn said...

I remember learning in college that it's pronounced care-ib-ian because it's named after the Carib people.