Sunday, July 09, 2006

So how was your weekend

Ouch, Part II
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Last weekend was a treasure trove of fun!

Considering that we were to be on vacation we decided to do things we wouldn't normally do or at least act as a tourist. But the problem is, I act like a tourist all the time.

I'd been talking about getting another tattoo for some time, so The Boyfriend gave me a gift certificate for my Birthday which meant I had to do it!

Saturday was the day for the new tattoo. We bundle ourselves up and trek over to the parlor....only to find it almost completely empty except for one guy who tells us "I can't take you until 4:00" which we couldn't do because we had dinner plans (I'll still tell you about that I promise), so we made a date for Sunday.

So the Sabbath comes and we spend it doing what we normally do on a Sunday and around 5:00 again show up at the parlor. Tattoo Parlor is KRAZY now compared to yesterday and Tattoo guy we spoke to was not around - GREAT!

The only thing I can say is that Tattoo Parlors are the most dis-organized business I've ever seen, and I think that you're not allowed to work there if you have ever smiled before in your life. Finally I was able to get someones attention and asked about Tattoo Guy, she went and found him, he was just finishing up, he'd be with us shortly.

Tattoo guy comes out, gets my image and goes to make the stencil. When he comes back we agree on the price and he says "That's cash only." Sure no problem I've got a Gift Certificate....all hell broke loose. The next thing I hear is "Well I can only take cash, hold on a second."

He comes back and tells me that he talked with one of the other artists and that he'd be able to help me, he was just finishing up and he'd be with us in five minutes....well 20 minutes later....we go through the SAME thing with this guy "Cash Only." We're both starting to get perturbed and feel as though we're really getting the run-around, WTF!

Finally, the guy (Nex) who had done The Boyfriends tattoos said that he would help us. Apparently the owner of the shop had given the guys a "free week" and they were allowed to keep all of the cash that they made that week (I guess they have to pay a percentage or something). Once it was all explained we were cool.

I jumped up on the stairs and the stencil was applied to my calf. The Boyfriend didn't like where it was so it was washed off and it was reapplied....Perfection!

Have you ever had a tattoo before? I have a small one on my chest, I got that 4th of July weekend 1993 - yes 13 years ago. I'd forgotten what the whole experience was like. They pulled out and set up a "massage" table and I hopped up on it, I got comfortable because I knew I was going to be there for a while!

Well an hour and a half later we were done. I had the worst headache in the world. Not because of the, it was the music! I swear it was the most head-bangingist, guitar riffing, screaming music I have EVER heard in my life, and I hope that I don't hear it ever again. I can't even think of who the bands were that they were playing because i have no idea, but WOW what crazy ass music but fits right in with the whole "tattoo/biker" image.

So what do you think?

Oh yeah, and if someone lies to you and tells you that tattoos don't hurt, don't listen to them. THEY HURT!

But then like I always say, especially when I'm bleaching my hair - "Beauty hurts, damn it!"

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CanadianSwiss said...

When I saw the tatoo on your calf, I thought "OMG. That must hurt!" Looks like I was right, huh?

Looks great, though! :)

xmichra said...

I love that tattoo!! but you knew that ;)

I thought certain areas of my tattos hurt.. but not 'hurt' hurt. then again, you got that one in a very muscley part of your body. it hirts less with 'fatty' areas.

And have you ever noticed that most tattoo people have the tattos on thier HEADS. that is why he keep askin gyou over and over about the cash only thing... needles in the brain are a no no.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I don't know. the only tata that ever hurt me was on the inside of my wrist and only a little. i have 6 tats and 2 on my legs... guess youre just a baby

Michael said...

CHG - I'm so glad I can count on your encouragement : -) LOL!