Monday, July 17, 2006

What good is a suit? Part II

Dinner plans were all set, now we just had to wait. Saturday arrived and we decided to go get my tattoo, which you can read about HERE.

We decided that since we were “dressing up” we would take a cab to the restaurant, I guess The Boyfriend doesn’t like wearing a suit on the CTA?!? Actually I always tease him about taking the train because he takes it to work everyday, whereas I don’t, so it’s much more exciting for me than it is for him. I guess I figure I should ride the train as much as I can since I lived without it for most of my life, I’m making up for lost time. The Boyfriend was born and raised here in Chicago, actually in the city not in a suburb, so he’s not so excited about the whole thing anymore.

Getting a cab in my neighborhood can be a real pain, because we’re just on the fringes of the restaurants, etc. so it’s a crap shoot, we decided that we should “order” a cab so we’d be on time for out 6:30 reservation. Google has this really cool Ride Finder for taxis so I used it out, the lady told me the cab would be there within 5 to 30 minutes, uh oh we were still getting dressed. Five minutes go by and the phone rings “Cab 4321 will be there shortly.” I looked out the window, and damn there he was. Hurry…HURRY….I’ll leave the keys in the door when I leave, I shout…..I’ve got to tie my tie, he’s got to put on his shoes. I’m done first, I run down to the cab so he doesn’t leave, all the while trying to tie my tie. Now considering I haven’t owned a “suit” for almost ½ of my life, I don’t exactly wear ties all the time. I love to pull out the knit ties from the 80’s and shake them at The Boyfriend and tell him I have fashion sense. A little piece of him dies every time I do that…so considering that, I don’t tie ties very well, but running down the stairs I somehow managed to get it tied half-way respectably.

I always thought it would be cool to learn all of the different ways to tie ties You know like the bow tie or the Windsor Knot or even the Half-Windsor with a Twist Knot, but I sorta got over that when I realized why would you learn to tie a tie like that if you’re never going to wear ties. Anyone know how to do those different knots?

Hey, I just realized I actually did a “Windsor Knot” maybe I am a little gay!

Regardless, we grabbed our cab and we’re barreling down the highway when suddenly we stop, on the expressway, in bumper to bumper traffic, about 4 miles from downtown! FUCK! Obviously there was a lot going on downtown and traffic was backed up for miles, the cab driver asked if could take side streets, sure there’s probably not going to be much of a difference.

Even on the side streets traffic was a bear, we went by the lagoon and the Lincoln Park Zoo but at a snails pace, the minutes kept ticking away and the meter kept getting pricier by the minute. It wasn’t until we were almost downtown before it thinned out and we could actually go faster than 10 mph, the time was going by too quickly, we thought we had built in a great buffer zone but when we pulled into the building it was 6:25.


Rob7534 said...

I cannot tie a tie to save my life. If it was up to me, I'd tie it in a knot, and leave it at that. Or a big bow :)

I ussually keep my ties already tied, so I can just slip them on, and tighten them up.

xmichra said...

I used to tie everyones ties for them at this restaurant i worked in. So i know how to tie Windsor Knots, Half-Windsor with a Twist Knot, and something I call 'the lazy sling back'. which looks pretty sloppy... but the guys in the bar liked them because they slid the ties way down to unbutton their shirts. sexy.

CanadianSwiss said...

I know most knots, I think. But his is so exciting. Can't wait to read the rest! :-)