Thursday, July 20, 2006

What good is a suit? Part V

After sitting at our table for a few minutes, soaking in the glamour that was around us….our waiter approached and asked if we “would care for some champagne this evening.” Shit we were pegged, hadn’t even been in the restaurant 5 minutes, of course we’d LOOOOOVVVEEE some champagne. He preceded to hand us the wine by the glass menu, we decided on the Kir Royal Alsace Champagne Cocktail and at a mere $20 each. Hell, you only live once right? So that’s where the rest of my silverware was, they were afraid I was going to steal it to pay for dinner. He also asked if we wanted water, but we were onto his little trick and said we wanted tap water – no bottled, no fizzy, that’s the latest scam to pad a bill – sell bottles of water at $10 a pop and open as many as you can. He left and we waited…….looking around feeling as though we were playing “dress up” amongst the adults, we were hoping they would find us out.

Our Waiter returned with a carafe of Chambord and a bottle of champagne --- oh how fancy, he was going to mix our cocktails tableside! He poured a generous amount of Chambord on the bottom and topped it off with a perfect pour of champagne, not a drop was lost. The Boyfriend complimented him on the perfect pour and he told us he’d been doing this for 19 years, plenty of time to practice. After we toasted to ourselves and to The Boyfriends birthday we took a look at the menu, we immediately took another drink of champagne.

The Prix Frie dinner consisting of 7 courses was $96 with a minimum of two per table, a wine pairing was available separately for $84 per person. I could just imagine how much food that would be, 7 courses and 7 glasses of wine, barf! We decided to go a la carte instead and dine off the regular menu like the commoners. The house was the limit, we were not looking at prices and we were not worrying about how much everything cost, we were out wearing our fancy suits and having a fancy dinner, you only live once!

We stared at the menu for a few minutes trying to digest all of the immaculate food that was presented before us.

What would we eat?


The Big Finn said...

The chef at the Everest room is from the Alsace according to Mrs. TBF. Crémant (champagne from Alsace) normally costs less than $10 per bottle here. I bet the chef carrys it back on the plane with him thinking CHA-CHIIIING!
The prix fixe dinner with matching wines is common in France and Switzerland. Believe it or not, the $96 + $86 was actually a good deal. We paid much more at Charlie Trotter's last October....YIKES!!! But, as you said, you only live once.
We would like to go to the Everest Room someday. We are eagerly awaiting Part VI, VIII, etc.

CanadianSwiss said...

Eagerly awaiting indeed. You're killing us! ;-)

xmichra said...

heehehe... this sounds wonderful!! But i cheated! sorry! I went to flickr!!! honestly i was looking for a picture of you to show my husband (he was wondering who the heck you were after talking about you so often for the past.. um year or so??!)