Saturday, July 22, 2006

What good is a suit? Part VII

Shortly after my return from the Gentleman’s Lounge a waiter approached the table with a miniature table, well a butcher block actually, and started setting it up. Oh no, what had I done? I only ordered a steak! The butcher block was set up with a marble carving slab perched on top along with salt and pepper mills and several carving knives, this WAS going to be exciting! The only thing missing was some brandy and matches to flambe it after it was carved!

Our entrees were served with a just a bit of flair; they presented The Boyfriend with his salmon and me with my steak. They then took my steak back to that chopping board and proceeded to slice it off the bone and into lovely bite size morsels, they surrounded the steak with lovely bright green peas and what I thought at first were tater tots but turned out to be these delectable potato puffs, and served it all along with béarnaise sauce…..yum, béarnaise.

We devoured our meal quickly but I had to force myself to slow down and enjoy this most expensive steak that I’ve ever paid for (I’ve had expensive steak before but someone else paid). We savored every bite. There were moans and oohs and ahhs with every bitefull!

The great thing about the whole experience was that we didn’t feel rushed at all, in fact at some times during the meal we would have wished they would hurry up a bit, but really it was perfect service and perfect timing.

Dessert came around, We had the chance to review what our tablemates were having because they seemed to be one course ahead us the entire time, I guess they had the 6:00 reservations! Suprisingly though looking over the menu, nothing really stuck out as fabulous – do you know what I mean? I was hoping for some extravagant delectable morsel that would top off the whole meal….for a minute it looked like I wasn’t going to order anything, but at the last second I decided against that. I order a Chocolate Fantasy Sampler – five different samplers all made of chocolate…..

The plate arrived with a “bracelet” standing on end in the middle of the plate with a dollop of ice cream holding it in place, surrounding it were four pieces of the most delectable chocolate concoctions I’ve ever tasted, one of them looked like a little tear drop, but when I cut into it, it gushed forth with a flood of warm chocolate sauce!

Now that dessert was done, there was only one thing left to do!


xmichra said...

yummy.. chocolate!! hehe.

CanadianSwiss said...

What? WHAT was left to do???!! This sounds like such a great evening!