Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wonder Woman

I just found THIS site via THIS guy

Wonder Woman was the only woman (besides my mother of course) that I truly loved. Oh she was such a boys-girl, if you know what I mean.

Wonder Woman came out in 1976 so I would have been 7 at the time....I don't really remember the first year at all, but I do remember at least the 2nd year.

If you recall the entire first season of Wonder Woman was set in WWII. Remember, they were always fighting the nazis and stuff....and when she turned into Wonder Woman she had her clothes in her arm which she then had to hide. Really I think that's really clever because it sort of made her more like us...she just happened to be Wonder Woman.

But then in the 2nd Season they somehow morphed to the mid-1970's and suddenly Steve Trevor was Major Steve Trevor's son and Diana just happened to work with him....and neither one of them aged even though it was at least 30 years later.....very funny how they just glossed over that.

I digress though, I guess the reason I'm waxing such is I read this post on Lori's blog - Thoughts of Laurel. It reminded me of growing up in the country and all of the things we used to do growing up "back then"

I grew up way in the country and the closest neighbor to us was about a mile away. We had no close cousins it was just my sister and me...which was very cool becuase looking back I thought it was perfect. But I remember watching this with a kid who's grandparents lived near us.

He was about the same age as I was....maybe a little younger....but I remember we used to play together and the one thing we did was watch Wonder Woman in his grandmothers house on her TV that was a piece of furniture (remember those old console TV's?) I don't know what ever happened to our "friendship" I think that was a "disagreement" about something because even though we were still cordial to them.....he and I never stayed friends after age 9 or so....hmmm....

Growing up on a farm I remember that this time of year was hay making season....right about now you're getting the first cutting in. You want to let it grow at first so you get a good cut, but you want to make sure that you still leave enough growing season left so that you can get another harvest in before autumn.

Have you ever "made hay"? It's not as easy as it sounds......but what is always funny to me is when people say "let's go roll in the hay!" obviously they have NEVER rolled in hay before. We used to do about 20 acres of hay every summer....I don't miss that at all!

But how the hell did I get from Wonder Woman to Hay?! What the fuck!


J.P. said...

O.k. You've entirely freaked me out because I read your blog entry as if I was just reading my own life story. The part that's really freaky is that I followed your story from Wonder Woman to rolling in the hay and had no troubles at all keeping up.

BTW, I *love* Wonder Woman. Are you an Isis fan too? :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Ahhh, those shows bring back suchgreat memories. I also remember watching Isis, too.

Michael said...

Oh Zephyr winds that blow on high, lift me know so I can fly!

Yeah I vaguely remember Isis...and Shazam!

But really in the terms of "changes" Wonder Woman totally beat out Isis......Isis had to wear that darn medalion and I'm sure if she tried to spin around the damn thing would fly up and knock her teeth out!

Kat said...

you did kinda wander around topics there. ;)

Neat link! I remember watching Wonder Woman as a kid. I loved it. I think it must have been reruns though.

CanadianSwiss said...

I wonder what Lynda Carter looks like now. I'm sure she's still gorgeous (well, considering the age, of course.)

Michael said...

CS - I think she is STILL beautiful! Here's a semi-current Photo of her.

xmichra said...

I watched wonder woman as reruns. She was brought to TV magic the very month I was born ;)

Living on a farm is tough, and if anyone thinks its easy... oh boy do i have pictures to show of when i moved south! As a true northerner the only cow i saw before i moved was served with potatoes. so when i came south i wanted to learn a few things on how all this stuff got to my plate. I spent a half a year at college doing farming stuff, and i have never been as tired (or buff) in my whole life. Hard work.