Sunday, August 20, 2006

Interactive Moving

Interactive Moving
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I need your help!

I don't know whether I should keep this or should I toss it!

This dried flower arrangement is a combination of flowers I got at my last house warming (4 years ago) and flowers from The Boyfriend.

What should I do? Does it go to the new house or does it find a new home in the dumpster?


Andi said...

What you do, and I'm being all Martha here, is press a selection of the flowers. Some from Dave and some from the HW. That way, you don't need them all, you'll feel good about it and you get to have the vase empty for new flowers from your new housewarming.

So sir, the answer is PRESS.

ditsybint said...

I agree with Andi that pressing your flowers is the way to go. (a couple of big old books and a couple of layers of blotting paper should be fine), however its too late now as they are dried.

So I suggest you get (maybe you already have one?) a nick-nacks box (yaknow, a small box you would hide your weed in if you smoked) fill it with tissue on the bottom of the box and cut off the bloom you most like out of the bunch.

This way your still keeping a memento of the event, but reducing it in size and making it much easier to ship.

Ms Mac said...

Dump 'em Michael! You have memories and you have the boyfriend! Think of the dust in those things!!!

xmichra said...

i would save them. but i am a pack rat. I am sure that tose will not be the last flowers you ever eceive.. so you could dump 'em.

CanadianSwiss said...

*Pulling off petals*- He dumps it, he dumps it not, he dumps it, he dumps it not, he dumps it, he dumps it not, he dumps it, he dumps it not, he dumps it, he dumps it not, he dumps it, he dumps it not, he dumps it.

Well so much for what is left of this little flower ;-)

The Big Finn said...

Dust collector!!!! I say dump it!

Mrs. TBF said...

DUMP them!!!!!!!
Make some new memories and enjoy. This from a chronic saver - TBF has been working on me for years and I'm getting there.