Tuesday, August 29, 2006

John Michael Karr Didn't Do It - Big F'in Surprise!

So is this news all over the world? It’s on the news EVERYWHERE over here, at the top of the hour……above the War in Iraq, it’s embarrassing!

If you’re not familiar – John Michael Karr confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey 10 years ago. Big Drama, she was a 5 year old beauty queen, they never figured out who did it, accused the parents, even the brother, but they never solved it.

Well a short while back Karr came forward, he was living in Thailand and confessed via email and phone conversations, 2 weeks ago they went to Thailand and brought him back. There was controversy because he flew back Business/First class and had champagne – everyone was outraged, how dare he.

So yesterday the DNA test came back and lo and behold it showed that the killer was NOT HIM (I sort of had a feeling all along (I should have posted about it but I didn’t))

So now, the controversy has moved from him drinking champagne and eating fancy meals on the airplane to the controversy of the Boulder DA. Now the DA has to explain why they brought him all the way over here and the media is grilling them.

Come on people, they did what they had to do…what if they would have done nothing and then down the road we found out that it really was him and he had killed again…..then what you’d be grilling them because “they should have done something” when they first found out about it!

Uhm HELLO AMERICA - he lied! Isn't that more important? I'm confused?

I guess where the media is concerned “You’re either damned if you do or damned if you don’t.” Make it spin however you want just so it looks good on the 6:00 National News!

I think he just wanted a free airplane ride home to the States!


Rob7534 said...

If we were judged by our television news, it would seem that we are a people who live from one crisis to the next!

And in many ways, it's probably true! :(

Ms Mac said...

I was with you Michael, there was something entirely not right with the whole scenario in the first place.

Which makes me wonder if you and I smelled a rat, why did Boulder DA not smell the same rat. Why could they not have a done a DNA test in Thailand?

The media will blow everything up out of all proportions. Sadly, the good news is boring which why we only ever see the horrific stuff on tv. I mean, who really wants to know that nothing happened to any of the kids on the way to school today and yesterday, oh and pretty much every other day? What we want to see on the news is the story about the child who didn't make it to school for whatever reason. Then we all have a good reason for overreacting and pressuring government to pass another law which will inevitably take more of our civil rights away.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Andi said...

We said exactly the same thing as you. Free plane ticket, business class, champagne? Heck, I'd lie for that shit!

Mind you, he has prior peodophile history, has upcoming charges etc., AND everyone knows his face, so was it all worth it?

I'm hearing death threats left, right an center!