Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look at the world we've created?

The Little League World Series is going on right now....and really the only reason I'm interested is that it's held in Williamsport, PA which is about a 45 minute drive from where I grew up in NE PA! It's always good to see the "homeland" on TV, even if does involve baseball.

The big news coming out of the series this year so far is that one of the players uttered a curse word and the coach in turn slapped/hit him...all on national TV. Now everyone is in a huff because the curse word was audible during the live broadcast....so you know what they're gonna do?

They're going to broadcast the rest of the series with a 5-Second delay in case any more of the kids decide to spout off at the mouth.

But really, is this the world we've created? A world where a curse word, by a child nonethless, forces TV Executives to enforce a 5-second delay.

Why don't we just put the whole world on a 5-Second delay, and that way no one anywhere will ever have to worry about being offended!


The Big Finn said...

Ahhh...fuck 'em!

Michael said...

Thanks TBF - Now I have to put a 5-second delay on comments so I don't offend anyone....oh wait too late : -)