Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh God, I think I'm high

Sneak Peak
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Remind me next time I move to get the more expensive packing tape. I can be frugal at times, and sometimes just downright cheap! So when I went to get some packing tape for the boxes I bought the Walgreens brand because I din't feel like getting raped for buying the really good stuff.

Plus it's just tape right? So please pray for me that the bottoms of my boxes withstand the move, they should I'm only moving 4 blocks.

But I swear I feel like I'm stoned in this house now. They must have rented the vacant apartment that is next door because my hallway smells like a Dirty Book Store.

I'm really pissed that they rented it now, it's been empty for two months......and just my luck it will probably be two hot daddies that are moving in there...which means that the boy moving into my apartment will get them! Fuckers! I would have rather that they waited until I moved out so that I would never have known.....

So the hallway smells of strong cleaning products and I swear that cheap tape I bought is giving off more formaldehyde than my high-school best friends father did, and he was a mortician. So I've got about 20 boxes already packed so you can just imagine the smell.

On top of that I've been using one of those BIG markers to mark the know the one I mean, the one that gives you a headache after having the cap open for 10 seconds.

Hell, all I need now is some freshly mimeographed third grade homework assignments and I'll be all set!

Btw, this is another sneak peak at the new house.


Andi said...

Just so you know Walgreens tape sucks arse! I used it last time we moved and was pissed the entire time I sued it.

But I'm loving the little sneak previews we are getting...... said...

Selecting the right tape can be a sticky issue.

Michael said...

Andi - You KNEW and never told me.....?

Gomad - You're telling me, it's more difficult than picking out non-irritating rope!

xmichra said...

Yiesh, hope the tape sticks.. i have had a few catastrophies with tape.

And the new house peeks are great! Is that a fireplace????

Michael said...

XM - Yes it is a fireplace.