Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tom Hanks is everywhere

Tom Hanks is ALL over the television this evening.....on one channel stuck on an island with a long beard talking to a volleyball...on another channel he's an astronaut stuck in the LEM!

Wow, he must really be famous now since he's on two channels at the same time!

Now if there were just a re-run of Bosom Buddiessomewhere it would be complete.


Kat said...

I love Tom Hanks, he's so adorably funny. He's in one of my watch-over-and-over-because-I-love-it movies with Meg Ryan. You've Got Mail. They are just so funny and cute together.

I swear I think they play one of his movies at least three times a week on TNT/TBS.

Michael said...

Kat - You're probably right, I think that Congress passed that law a few years back.