Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well it's happening!

Sneak Peak
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Boxes are packed and stacked along one wall of the dining room. The living room is empty except for three pieces of furniture and a television set. Cupboards which were once full are empty like Mother Hubbard's!

It's been four years since I moved and the last time I moved it was out of a shared household to a single household - I don't remember it being this chaotic.

Normally I'm the type of person who likes things organized. I wouldn't say that I'm a perfectionist or that I'm a clean freak, but I like to have things in their proper place - if you know what I mean....moving totally puts me on edge. I think I'm going to call my doctor and ask for some Paxil to calm me down.....oh wait, I just remembered he gave me xanxex to help me sleep.

Ok gotta go to the medicine cabinet and get one......fuck I already packed up the medicine cabinet!


Orange-X said...

Oh boy, moving huh? I wish you all the best and hope you move without any problems. At least a good reason to throw a party again! We have decided we'll start cleaning up and throwing away things over fall and winter and prepare our stuff for Canada. Can't wait for the day to come...

Ms Mac said...

"They" say that moving house is one of life's most stressful experiences after losing a loved one and/or changing jobs.

Sorry, I'm not helping am I?

Good luck with the move Michael, the new place looks lovely and I'm sure you'll be very happy there!