Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We're on the final countdown!

No NASA is not launching another space shuttle into space........oh remember that movie The Final Countdown? I saw that movie in the that was 1980, I was all of 11 years wonder I went to see that movie.

We're actually on a really fun countdown! In less than 24 hours Andi, who's Big Butch Husband saved her from being robbed, is going to be in town!

If we don't post over the weekend that just means we're having too much fun!

I've been watching as much BBC television as I can this week to bone up on my English accents, I need to be prepared. Because when I'm drunk I don't listen very well and when Andi gets drunk she starts talking fast it's a deadly combination! I've also been watching a lot of Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served, not so much for practice, just that I find them funny.

Oh my god, I had no idea that AYBS was from 1972! Boy those Brits are way ahead of us on the whole comedy thing, no wonder we steal everything from you, Americanize it and make it crap.

Ok, well I've got to go shove things under my bed and in my closets so I can make a good second impression!


Andi said...

So of course the bloody day I fly, is the day that airlines are going insane and all that jazz. No hand luggage? I have to check my few clothes I'm bringing.....? Bugger.

Michael, if you promise to reeeeeeally work on an English accent I shall try to sloooooow down.

But no guarantees OK?

I'm going to bed now - just finished 3rd shift. I shall set my alarm clock though so I dont sleep in! I'll be leaving here approx 1:00 pm.

Ms Mac said...

You guys have loads of fun now.

Be thankful Michael that you're going on your road trip before the appendicitis. When Andi and I did a road trip she had to stop every 15 minutes to go to the loo. Ask her about Honestly, it's not half as rude as it sounds. Or maybe it is! Hehe!

Ooooh, I must be off, Mrs Slocombe's pussy has coughed up a furball in menswear.

CanadianSwiss said...

Have a great time (although I know you wil :-)