Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Which one expired first - The Answer

Thanks to everyone who gave an answer, some of you were close and some of you were WAY off.

I should start by saying that all of the items displayed expired prior to 2005!

And here's when they expired:
The La Choy Soy Sauce - actually had no expiration date? Does that mean that it never goes bad?

The Jewel brand Ravioli - expired in December 2004

The Welch's Grape Juice - expired in July 2004

The Juicy Juice Apple Juice - expired in June 2004

The Chicken Boulion - expired in March 2004

The Beef Boulion - expired in December 2003

Which leaves our winner -

The Tas-Tee Salad Dressing - expired in December 2002!

This means that Karen is our winner even though she was off by a year, here's her official entry:

Definitely the salad dressing! As for the date ... I am going to assume that you didn't move into your place with an already expired bottle of dressing (I know, never ass-u-me, it makes an ....) and since I think that you have lived in your current place for approximately four years, I'm going to guess that you bought it immediately after moving in and that it expired in 12/03. So mathematical, I know!

I'll have to think of a great prize to send Karen - unfortunately I've already thrown the salad dressing away.

I know what you're thinking...how could I have all of these food items for so long?

I'm a man

(and that's the only time I'll ever use that excuse)

Tomorrow is the BIG Moving Day so I'll be offline for a few days while I hustle the movers along so they move quickly and don't try to make the job longer than it should be, plus then I'll have to deal with the designers who for some reason have the mindset that whatever they say has to go in the new place. So wish me luck that the movers are cute, big and beefy! WOOF! (of course I know they only have hot movers in the movies and on TV, but a boy can dream).

See you in a few days!


Rob7534 said...

Good Luck Michael!

I hope all the movers are cute, and let you grab their ass as they move in your bedroom furniture!

Other than that, you really need to clean out your fridge more often. Salad dressing that expired in 2002! Goodness, you don't really eat in all that often huh!? :)

At least not salads. But I only like Wendy's salads, so who am I to talk!

Ta Ta!

Ms Mac said...

Oooh well done Karen!

The movers I've come across in Australia look like they're out on parole.

Not that that's always a bad thing, of course.

gomad.ch said...

Could you please post some photos of your butchy movers?

Andi said...

Good luck with the move Michael, you are moving to bigger and better places.....

xmichra said...

haha... see, i was close :) But dude. Your salad dresing is older than my daughter. hehe...

Karen said...

Woo-hoo!!! I won!!! How exciting! Thank you. Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that the reason why I won is because I often have salad dressing that expired 3-5 years prior! It's not just a guy thing....

Good luck with the move Michael. Looking forward to the tories once you're wired up again.

CanadianSwiss said...

Have fun with the move and I do hope for you that the guys are cute hunks ;-)

Karen said...

p.s.: Please don't send the salad dressing. I've got some already!