Sunday, August 27, 2006

Which one expired first

Which one expired first
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This moving thing is getting old quick. Fortunately I go back to work tomorrow and I can focus on something else for a change.

It seems that all I've done for the last week is pack...and pack....and pack. And it's just me, I can only imagine what you families do when you move - oh my god!

My mother told me today that if they ever decide to move they're going to sell their house lock, stock and barrel, you buy the house you get the furnishings free. They've lived in the same home for 42 years!

Now granted their house has gone almost a 100% change from when they moved there, it reminds me of that scene from Beetlejuice when they come back from the netherworld for the first time and house is completely different....that's how I feel when I go home.....

So I'm about 95% packed, the only thing left is the computer/desk area and a few things here and there....I've already started the "cleaning" process - I find myself getting psychotic with the cleaning for some reason - I guess because I want my deposit back!

Two questions for you:

- First can you guess which of these products expired FIRST and WHEN it expired (year/month is fine)?

- Secondly, I have never ever ever had an issue with bugs in this apartment, but I just wonder if should "bomb" it before I move out...what do you think?


Ms Mac said...

I'm going to take a stab at the chicken stock cubes expiring in Dec 2004. The reasoning behind that is that you don't really use chicken stock cubes as much as the other products (although I have no idea what's in the cans at the back): at least I don't.

Also, don't worry about the bug spray. If the new tenant is that worried, he could bomb it himself first.

I'm liking this interactive moving. All the thrill of moving house with none of the stress.

xmichra said...

I am going to guess the salad dressing (which looks unopened)and expired this year. Only reason i say that? I have that problem in my fridge. hehe.

I agree with the bug bomb, i wouldn't worry about it.

And beetlejuice huh?? What are your parents really like?? hehe...

ads510 said...

i was going to go with the salad dressing, and pick 11/05, but since that's xmichra's pick i'll go with the ravioli, and say 8/05.

CanadianSwiss said...

I'm with the ravioli, too, but I'll go for June 05.

Jelly said...

I think the can of ravioli expired in July 1976.

Karen said...

Definitely the salad dressing! As for the date ... I am going to assume that you didn't move into your place with an already expired bottle of dressing (I know, never ass-u-me, it makes an ....) and since I think that you have lived in your current place for approximately four years, I'm going to guess that you bought it immediately after moving in and that it expired in 12/03. So mathematical, I know!

The Big Finn said...

I'm going with the La Choy soy sauce. That shit ends up expiring sooner than you think because you always end up using the fist-full of soy sauce that the Chinese carry-out give you each time you go. I'm guessing August, 2003.