Friday, September 22, 2006

Almost a tornado

Wow Chicago had a tornado warning this evening!  That hardly ever happens in the big city.  We were so excited that it was coming our way as well, I mean how often do you get to be in the path of a tornado and for a change not be in a single-wide trailer!

It was the most bizarre thing really, I was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden it got pitch black outside and then the wind started blowing.  We have a fan in the window to help circulate the air and all of a sudden the fan stopped and started spinning the other way for a few seconds….even though it was still plugged in…then it stopped and went the normal way for a few seconds and did the same thing.  About this time I hear my roomie YELLING for me.

I go bounding up the stairs and look out on the patio, there are plants and chairs flying EVERYWHERE.

I’ve got a few big ficus trees and schefflera’s that I haven’t brought in the house yet because it’s still pretty nice outside, it was blowing so hard that we had to bring the plants in or be afraid that they would get blown away or broken in half.  I grabbed one of the trees and the wind picked up, it was moving so fast and it was back and forth, it was tres bizarre.

There was some good that came out of this…I got to practice a scene from The Wizard of Oz……no not the one you’re thinking about…..the one where the tornado is coming and Auntie Em is calling out for Dorothy….it was hilarious, here I am carrying a 5 foot plant screaming at the top of my lungs DOROTHY!!!!!  DOROTHY!!!!!!

But hey, we had a tornado go through!


Ms Mac said...

I can't think what scene it would be.

What am I missing?

ps. Have done nothing since I got home except watch Entourage and have a gigantic crush on Jeremy Piven. Just so you know!

Rob7534 said...

Ah! I love you Michael. Never pass up a chance to act out scenes from The Wizard Of Oz. You're a good GAY!

That was a weird day here in the suburbs too, although we're used to at least 2-4 tornado warnings every summer.

Pics of the new apartment, furnished?

ads510 said...

love that scene in wizard of oz....auntie em's voice is just ridiculous as she's screaming. it cracks me up every time i see it.

i got caught in a tornado while driving a couple of years ago. it lifted my big car off the ground and i had to jump out and get in the ditch. it levelled all of the houses on the opposite side of the street (i was basically IN the tornado). it was definitely a scary situation.

Michael said...

Brrr - That is so scary, I was only on my porch, I can only imagine what it was like in a car!

BTW, I sounded just like Auntie Em when I did it to!