Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cellphones & Flying

This past weekend I flew back to PA to visit with my family. I flew into the Allentown Airport (ABE) - it is such a small airport that the food court consists of a Subway sandwich shop and a bar - hey it's two places so that makes a "court"

My sister lives in Allentown so I flew in there instead of of Avoca (AVP) - now THAT is seriously a small airport, there's only three gates there and you get to walk out to the tarmac to get to your plane.

Come to think of it, I've been in a lot of small airports this year, AVP, ABE, SCE and GSP, actually it's sort of fun to take commuter jets (at least I think so) yeah they're noisy as hell but there's not a lot of people and the flights are usually pretty short.

Regardless, I flew home late Monday night and the flight was probably half full, and considering it there were only about 50 seats on the plane that wasn't a lot of people. But there was this annoying man sitting in the row in front of me opposite of where I was sitting (so I could see everything he was doing). When we were boarding in Allentown the flight attendant actually had to tell him to a) fasten his seat belt b) put away his computer and c) turn OFF his cellphone (only because he was yaking into it loudly after she had already announced that they had to be turned off).

When we landed the fucker actually turned on his cellphone before the wheels even touched the ground! What an annoying little fuck. Then he was on the phone again talking loudly screaming over the sound of the engines trying to slow us down!

Then when we actually got to the gate he jumped up as soon as the seat belt sign was off and rushed to the front of the plane (even though he was in row 9).....I actually got a little laugh though, as I was deplaning, he was still waiting for his suitcase! Oh yeah, and he was wearing a suit and tie and freaking sneakers?!? WTF is up with that? If you're gonna do the suit/tie thing why wear sneakers? It makes you look like a "RE" (Andi - you know what I mean).

So my question to you can you take an airplane ride that's less than 2 hours and be out of communication? What the heck did we all do before cellphones?

Whew - I'm done...I've got to go take a nap now!

4 comments: said...

I Russia, it gets quite noise in the airplanes when they approaches the runway. As soon as the plane is low enough all the text messages are coming in. This is kind of an improvement. In the late eighties people used to queue up for the exit at this stage.

Another nasty thing is the tendency to non smoking flights. In Russia this leads to constantly occupied toilets as even the flight attendants go there for smoking.

Ms Mac said...

I was amazed on my flight from Newark to Cleveland (God, I'm so cosmopolitan!) at this really annoying woman with dead hairy arms who talked until the hostess told her switch off at take off and then dialed every number in her contacts until she got an answer on landing. WTF is it with that? Also, the whole flight she chewed her gum with her mouth open and just had one of those incredibly annoying faces. I had to physically stop Mr Mac from ripping her ball cap off her head and beating her around the ears with the hard part.

Ahhhh, the joys of flying!

Andi said...

That's why the MEGABUS is such a great idea!

No waiting..... You can get as drunk as you want to drown out the "re's" ......

Awesome. And all for a Dollar!

Kat said...

What an annoying little twit. I will occasionally turn my ringer off deliberately. Sometimes it's nice to have a little time where people cannot demand your attention.

Oh and I don't know what a "RE" is, but where I come from sneakers with a suit makes you a dork. ;)