Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Altar Boyz - A Review

Last evening we saw our last show of the Broadway in Chicago series - The Altar Boyz.

It was actually much better than I had anticipated. Earlier this year The Boyfriend went out and bought the soundtrack, so we could bone up on the songs, etc. I listened to it maybe 2 or 3 times - it was ok, but nothing that fabulous! The songs were just ok, nothing catchy, nothing that I found myself humming, I listened to it so infrequently that I actually took it off of my iPod to make room for new found glories!

Well, let's just say that seeing it live was MUCH BETTER than listening to the CD. MUCH MUCH BETTER! The show isn't that long, only about 90 minutes without an intermission.

The story is about these 5 guys that are a Christian Boy Band - the characters are: The Leader, The Doofus, The Ethnic, The Gay and the Jew. There were some really clever lines in the songs and in their dialog (it was purposely ((at least I hope it was)) very much like an infomercial where they were going over the top in the delivery of their lines).

Of course everyone laughs at the gay boy....he's so flamboyant but no one really sees it except the audience. At once point they go get a girl from the audience and sing a song called Something About You....makes me want to say no (to sex), 4 of the guys are on one side of the stage standing in a line singing this song to the girl with the gay boy behind her and the gay boy swoons because they're singing to him.

My other favorite part was during the song "Rhythm in Me" they're singing about how Jesus put the rhythm in me so I could dance/sing/etc and the gay boy has a few "solos" where all he sings is "Put it in me" it was FUNNY.

I would rank this on the level of Putnam County Spelling Bee but not as good as Avenue Q.

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